Popty Ping!

Did you know that the Welsh word for microwave is ‘popty ping’?  Es perfecto!

But, what does that have to do with my travels?  

Dos cosas (2 things):  

1: My fellow Remote Elizabeth Garrison, aka Translator Liz, aka @translator.liz, was the one who told me about popty ping.  She lives in Manchester England and speaks several languages.  Translator Liz is awesome and wields a wealth of weird words!

2: I came home the other night, turned on my bedroom light and ‘POPTY PING’!  The light bulb exploded.  Said light was hanging directly over my bed.  Shards of glass sprinkled down on my sheets and floor.  

Buenos tiempos!  

I started picking out shards from my sheets one at a time, largest first.  I could still sleep in the sheets after I swept through, just had to spot the sparklies.  

Hmmm.  Way too many sparklies.  Sleeping would surely result in blood shed.  Plan aborted.  Sheets rolled up.

Thankfully, I had spare sheets in my closet.  Popty ping problem solved!  THANK YOU, Remote Year!!!  

Check out this awesome Popty-Ping video!

And, another video about weird Welsh words: